Great tools to connect with Google when doing SEO

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In the process of doing SEO, you need to remember a lot of addresses, links to the form to contact Google, help your website not only promote faster, manage details but also prevent your opponents to play bad. To help you save more time, save the address, the link form you need to know and popular in the process of making Seo to contact Google.


How to contact Google when doing Seo

Google Webmaster Tools: goole webmaster tools


Google Webmaster Tool is a tool developed by Google and allows webmasters to use the site for free. With the features proved extremely superior, effective support for the website admin in catching the “health” that the website he is managing.

For more detail: Công cụ Google Webmaster Tool là gì? Đăng ký sử dụng như thế nào?

Effect: Declare, contact Google the robot.xml file, sitemap.xml, URL display URL, international targeting; Manage links to websites and keywords that users visit your Website.

Google Analytics:

google analytic lamvt 1

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google to evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing activities (including SEO and other marketing activities).

For more detail: Công cụ Google Analytics là gì? Cách khai thác Công cụ Google Analytics?

Managing traffic, user demographics, behavioral analysis, bound rate, time on site, etc.

Google Disavow Link:

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Contact Google to remove poor quality, badly backlinked links from your Website, avoid Google penalties.

Delete content from Google:

cach xoa lich su noi dung tren trinh duyet web 1

You can ask google to remove content from search results and their products (G +, Blogspot, Youtube channel …)

Report Spam Richsnipets:

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Rich Snippets gives you more and more information than Snippets. Rich Snippets gives you useful information about images, ratings of stars, reviews, products … On the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Facebook … to provide outstanding information, Ranked highly for readers looking for information.

For more detail: Richsnipets là gì? Báo cáo Spam Richsnipets


If you find a website that has spam data structure, you can report it to google to remove it from the search results.

Report of alleged DMCA copyright infringement:

dmca content theft problem


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is the United States’ Digital Millennium Copyright Act. How does Google handle DMCA-related websites? In this article, I would like to share some of the information I know about this issue.

For more detail: DMCA là gì? Báo cáo về vi phạm bản quyền bị cáo buộc DMCA

If someone copy the content of your website without permission, you can tell them to unload, or you can contact Google for help through this link.

Google Maps address verification when you do not receive mail (pin):

Screenshot 14


If you do not receive a letter within 14 days, or if your business address is closed for unknown reasons (your opponent has played the game), you can use this form to contact the management team.

Request a review, review your site when involved in manual actions:

thong bao tu google

When a Web site is hacked, or is penalized by a form of manual spamming, use this form.

When your Website is hacked:

wordpress hack

Here are the full steps to teach you how to do, how to recognize and process (currently only in English).

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