What are Richsnipets? How to report Spam Richsnipets

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Snippets tells you the title of the article, a description of the content, and a link to the site that gives the reader the most concise and detailed information about the content and information they are looking for. What about Richsnippets? It is different from Snippets and what works for your website. Please visit the Lamvt.vn to find out the information below.

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1. The concept of Richsnippets

Richsnippets give you more and more information than Snippets. Richsnippets gives you useful information about images, ratings of stars, reviews, products … On search engines like Google, Yahoo, Facebook … to provide the most up-to-date information. High ratings for readers looking for information.

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2. 10 Popular formats of Richsnippets

1. Author

Display the link to the image, the author of the article, the website right next to the search results. This information helps readers know who is the author of the article, the image displayed as well as your website. With Google Plus, you can display your avatar and personal pages.

tat tan tat ve rich snippets giup website cua ban lot top google 1

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2. Breadcrumbs

Allows displaying navigation links to articles of the article. Help the user know what the article is in the section and lead specific links to it. However, this format has not been displayed much.

3. Event

Provides important information about the entire event including event content, start and end times, as well as the venue shown on the website.

4. Organizations

Display information of agencies, enterprises or organizations that own the website. The information includes: business name, telephone number, business address, and link to the website.

5. People

Allows displaying the location and workplace of a particular individual.

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6. Products

With this display function is suitable for online business people. You can add the necessary information to consumers about their products on the search engine such as price, quality evaluation.

7. Recipes

Give you recipes or methods for making good food. Introduce you to the culinary blog and teach delicious cooking. Recipes will give you important information about the culinary categories such as the time of completion, the amount of nutrition in the meal and the information of the article.

8. Review

The quality of the article is expressed in the form of stars, your article will be good quality 5 star rating. The review will be suitable for the form of reviews, comparisons, product reviews … suitable for the field of marketing, or affiliate.

9. Video

Gives you the video name, video length, date and video content that you want to search. Richsnippets suited for video sharing sites …

10. Facebook Share

When sharing information on Facebook, readers will know the title, image, content, etc. However, with this format you can not control the display information, as well as the content displayed when use Facebook Share.

tat tan tat ve rich snippets giup website cua ban lot top google 2

3. Lợi ích của Rich Snippets

  • Richsnippets increase the prominence of the website, Google’s return tools have reputable websites with 5 brilliant gold stars. Helps attract the reader’s attention and increase the click-through rate of your website.
  • Moreover, Richsnippets will give you the results of quality evaluation of the website through the votes of readers.
  • The image of Richsnippets with high quality will attract users to click on your website. An effective way to increase sales for your website.

Depending on the type of Rich Snippets highlight the results of your website on the search engine by a separate function of them. Provide useful information to users, with attractive content to help users click more mouse to your website. And so you will have a good amount of interaction, increase sales efficiency.

However, with the benefit that Richsnippets bring high quality, the website quickly to the top when SEO users abuse the Richsnippets. Many users Spam Richsnippets to increase the 5-star rating, increase the score 10/10, increase the number of votes that quality website sketchy.

Therefore, if your website that Spam Rich Snippets will be reported by Google. To have a quality sales website with high praise, to reach the top of Google you should build a professional sales system, high quality.

4. Create Richsnippets for website

For your website to display Richsnippets on search engines you need to add the standard Richsnippets code that Google supports. Then your website is standardized, structured to meet Google standards. Microdata architecture is recommended to use more than will help your site is Google-friendly.

tat tan tat ve rich snippets giup website cua ban lot top google 3

5. Current situation Rich Snippets use

With the benefits that Richsnippets bring to the Web, they are often used without limits. You will easily find a website with 5 star quality, with a score of 5000 votes or 10/10 score card that content is not effective. Therefore, the website will not be prominent, uniform assessment, and do not have high quality.

Report spam in Richsnippets is a tool to help Google report sites that are abusing Richsnippets. To tighten the management of the content displayed on Google. Google has hidden a lot of display content of the website.

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Before letting you know how to report a detailed snippet of code to Google, it is extremely important to know the reason for reporting a detailed snippet of code to Google.

tat tan tat ve rich snippets giup website cua ban lot top google 6

  • Report spam in Richsnippets will limit users and companies to use Google’s
  • Rich Snippets for their websites. With this tool, high quality articles will always be ranked high by Google.
  • With websites abusing Richsnippets to increase the amount of interactivity, the click of a user whose content is not high quality will be reported.

When you are sure that the rival website is abusing Richsnippets, unfair competition, report it to Google using the form provided below.


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